For Flexographic Printing On Corrugated Board

For flexographic printing on corrugated board, AFP™-APC/TPC flexographic plates reduce flute marks in gradation areas. These innovative plates are based on Asahi’s unique polymer technology. It is the photopolymer plate that features Asahi’s CleanPrint™ for corrugated board applications. In addition to exceptional performance in gradation areas, these plates achieve high ink density in solid areas due to excellent ink transfer. AFP™-APC is an analog and AFP™ TPC a digital plate for high quality printing on corrugated board.


  • First corrugated plate with inbuild CleanPrint feature.
  • APC/TPC is superior to conventional plate for corrugated printing.
  • Reduce flute marks and achieve sharp images of small type and fine lines with reduced dot gain.
  • Improve solid ink density and ink coverage with excellent ink transfer.
  • Prevent crushing of corrugated board with kiss touch printing, with no sacrifice in quality.
  • Benefit from a wider latitude of printing pressure, providing stable printing quality.
  • Improved mechanical strength of plates with higher durability.