First Built-In Flat Top Plate With CleanPrint™

The Asahi AFP™-BFTH plate is the only FlatTop plate in the market that features premium CleanPrint, enabling kiss-touch printing pressure and a clean print. Lighter printing pressure brings constant repeatability of printing quality during the production run as well as longer plate life. This characteristic is achieved with a unique Asahi-engineered photopolymer chemistry that reduces the surface energy of the printing plate and enables better ink transfer to the substrate during printing.

AFP™-BFTH plate fits seamlessly into existing customer environments without the need for additional equipment investments or process changes.


  • Hard FlatTop photopolymer plate allowing advanced solid ink homogenity in printing.
  • Capable for the reproduction of the finest stochastic pixel screens in the market.
  • Smooth tonal transitions with good highlight dots.
  • Finest transition allows job transfer from other printing technologies to flexo, increasing versatility for flexographic printing operations.
  • Plates are compatible with solvent-, water- and most UV-based inks.
  • Improves productivity and OEE due to significantly fewer press stops for plate cleaning.