Premium Digital ‘CleanPrint’ Flexo Plate

Asahi’s AFP – TOP is a premium digital flexo plate giving the printer a wide colour space with vibrant colour reproductions and soft tonal shades fading out to zero. Asahi’s AFP – TOP incorporates the “CleanPrint” Technology, which allows a kiss touch printing pressure setting with constant repeatability of printing quality during the production run.

The “CleanPrint Technology” also reduces the ink filling-in in the mid-tone area over the printing run leading to fewer cleaning intervals and press stop downtimes for the printer. Asahi’s AFP–TOP plate was developed for high quality film printing applications using solvent based inks with the objective of transferring printing jobs from other printing technologies to flexography.

Asahi’s AFP – TOP is compatible with many of the recent high definition screening and microcell patterning technologies.


  • High resolution image and printing performance
  • Finest and soft tonal gradation fading out to zero
  • Wide printed colour gamut due to low dot gain and enhanced ink transfer
  • “Pinning Top Dot” Technology enabling a superior ink transfer
  • High printing performance with solvent and water based ink on film or coated paper substrate
  • Reduced ink filling-in in mid-tone printing leading to less press cleaning stops
  • Kiss touch printing pressure setup giving increasing plate life time
  • Consistent printing quality over the production run due to “Pinning Top Dot” Technology
  • System compatibility with recent screening and microcell technologies
  Plate Type TOP 1.14mm TOP 1.70mm
  Shore A Hardness 77 69
  Application Film and coated paper
  Ink Recommendation UV Ink, Solvent and Water Based Inks
  Resolution digital 200 lpi/1-95%
  Isolated Line 80
  Isolated Dot 150