Medium-Hard Digital Flexo Plate With “CleanPrint” Technology

Asahi’s AFP™-TSP is a medium hardness digital flexo plate, optimized for a wide range of printing materials. From absorbent paper substrates such as pre-printed liner, paper, carton and corrugated board to non-absorbent film and label materials. The AFP™-TSP plate was developed to achieve a firm homogeneous ink density on printed lines and solids and staying clean and open over the printing run in halftone screens. The AFP™-TSP plate can be used in combination with the AFP™-TOP plate for soft tonal gradations down to zero. This combination makes it possible to transfer jobs to flexography from other printing technologies.


  • Good ink transfer and coverage in halftones and solids
  • Pinning Top Dot Technology facilitates a superior ink transfer
  • High printing performance with solvent, water and most UV based ink on film and paper substrates
  • Strong plate abrasion resistance with good base film lamination strength
  • High performance plate in aggressive printing conditions
  • Reduced ink filling-in mid-tone printing leading to less press cleaning stops
  • Kiss touch printing pressure setup giving increased plate longevity
  • Consistent printing quality over the production run due to Pinning Top Dot Technology
  • System compatibility with recent screening and microcell technologies