AWP 2530 AA

The All-In-One AWP™ 2530 AA is designed for the challenging demand of the highest quality customer. The combination of processor and plate technology is engineered to deliver a sustainable quality output of vivid colors and higher quality screening technologies. At the same time the AWP™ 2530 Auto water processor is presenting an environmentally sound solution aiming to drive print forward in balance with the environment.



  • Lamps: 13 x 60W10R (with pilot lamps)
  • UV power: Average 12mw/cm² (ORC UV meter)
  • UV repartition: 91%
  • Light integrator
  • No vacuum pump


  • Wash out process: Batch
    • Sticky plate
  • Wash out section:
    • 7 x flat brushes
  • Cleaning section:
    • 1 x Rotary brush (up and down position) with doctor blade
    • 1 x Air knife
    • 1 x spray bar (fresh solution on the rotary brush)
    • 1 x spray bar with fresh water
    • 1 x sponge roll
  • Wash out tank capacity: 130 liters
  • Exhaust pipe: Diameter 80mm


  • 1 x drawer
  • Temperature adjustment on the touch panel


  • UVA lamps: 12 x 60W 10R with pilot lamps
  • UVA power: Average 5,2mw/cm² (ORC UV meter)
  • UVC lamps: 11 x TUV 30W with pilot lamps
  • UVC power: Average 3,4 mw /cm² (ORC UV meter)
  • Safety switch on drawer
  • Exhaust fan: Diameter 80mm


  • 2 x Housing filters (SMC)
    • Filter bag 50 microns
    • Laundry bag
  • 2 x Pressure gauges per housing filter
    • Inlet side pressure
    • Outlet side pressure
  • Filtration efficiency: 84%
  • Regeneration tank for fresh solution
    • Mixing pump + W300 charging (from a can of W300 to the regeneration tank)
    • Regeneration pump (fresh sol. To rotary brush)
  • Buffer tank for dehydration process (keep the wash sol.)
    • Transfer pump to the WO tank