All New Water Washable Flat Top Plate!


AWP™-CleanFlat is a water-washable FlatTop plate solution with high-quality printing press consistency. It improves the ink laydown on wide web flexible packaging and beverage carton printing. A the same time it delivers a sustainable reduction of the printer’s carbon footprint. It’s flat, but certainly not boring!

AWP™-CleanFlat water-washable plates provide many benefits that combine to bring flexographic printing more in harmony with the environment, preserving precious energy and natural resources while delivering excellent press performance and vibrant images.


  • Premium, water-washable photopolymer plate allowing high screening resolution and stable small dots
  • Flat Top Plates with no special work flow or equipment required
  • Excellent ink transfer with CleanPrint for fewer printing press stops for plate cleaning, improving profitability
  • Smooth tonal transitions with stable highlight dots, allowing job transfer from other printing technologies
  • Compatible with most available inks (solvent-, water- and UV-based inks)
  • Superb plate flexibility eliminating plate lift-off with small printing cylinders
  • Total platemaking time for complete process is well under 1 hour
  • Enables flexographic printing more harmony with the environment
  Plate Thickness .045 (1.14 mm), .067 (1.70 mm)
  Hardness/Shore A 77, 70
  Applications Film, label, paper, beverage carton
 Ink Recomendation Water-based, Solvent-based and UV-based Inks
Plate Color Yellow