A Water Washable Flexo Plate Designed For The Next Generation

Asahi AWP is a unique plate making technology and a beneficial alternative to other print processes. The Ink Pinning Technology provides a simple way to improve print quality.

High printing resolution, bright pictures and excellent press performance are a small selection of all the advantages you can get out of Ink Pinning Technology.  AWP will help you save time and money, reduce waste and preserve precious energy resources.

The system enables the necessary control to consistently reproduce the finest image quality. Time after time after time.


  • The excellent ink transfer results in superlative ink coverage
  • Superbly balanced reproduction of large tonal areas, fine text and halftone elements
  • The high durability with UV ink printing
  • The extremely high flexibility enables printing, even from small-diameter cylinders
  • The plate is compatible with UV ink, solvent-based ink, and water-based ink
  • The reduced plate-making time is just one of the improvements over plates requiring a solvent wash-out
  • Special plate surface that has the ability to prevent ink filling in on fine detailed images
  • Easier plate cleaning after printing
  Plate Thickness .045 (1.14 mm), .067 (1.70 mm)
  Hardness/Shore A 77, 70
  K Factor 5.98mm(0.2388″), 9.89mm(0.3896″)
  Resolution 175 lpi digital 1-98%
  Isolated Line 0.08mm(0.003″)
  Isolated Dot 0.15mm(0.005″)