All New With Faster Processing Speeds!


A Water Washable Flexo Plate Designed For The Next Generation

AWP-DEW offers all the same benefits as the AWP-DEF plate, but with faster processing speeds for an even more efficient and effective flexo plate.

AWP™, Asahi’s latest development and a unique platemaking technology, is a beneficial alternative to conventional flexographic plates. It is a water washable plate technology that eliminates the need for high temperatures or VOC solvents in the washout process, delivering precise plate-to-plate registration with reduced odor in the plate making process. AWP™ CleanPrint plates save time and money, reduce waste and assist in preserving precious energy resources while delivering stunning quality with brilliant images.


  • The excellent ink transfer results in superlative ink coverage
  • Superbly balanced reproduction of large tonal areas, fine text and halftone elements
  • The high durability with UV ink printing
  • The extremely high flexibility enables printing, even from small-diameter cylinders
  • The plate is compatible with UV ink, solvent-based ink, and water-based ink
  • The reduced plate-making time is just one of the improvements over plates requiring a solvent wash-out
  • Special plate surface that has the ability to prevent ink filling in on fine detailed images
  • Easier plate cleaning after printing
  Plate Thickness .045 (1.14 mm), .067 (1.70 mm)
  Hardness/Shore A 77, 70
  K Factor 5.98mm(0.2388″), 9.89mm(0.3896″)
  Resolution 175 lpi digital 1-98%
  Isolated Line 0.08mm(0.003″)
  Isolated Dot 0.15mm(0.005″)