For repeats from 240 mm up to 1250 mm

Machines for mounting flexo plates on cylinders and/or sleeves for printing presses in plastic film and paper industries with both motorized cameras and axis as well as VDP SYSTEM (Virtual Data Processing) patents EP1666251 (B1) – US8037819 (B2).


  • 2 Sony motorized zoom color cameras, each one provided with a ring of led lights which features an adjustable luminous intensity for a constant operation quality
  • automatic focus with possibility of manual adjustment
  • 2 lcd 17” touch screen color monitors
  • industrial pc
  • VDP SYSTEM (Virtual Data Processing) patents EP1666251 (B1) – US8037819 (B2) which enables for the automatic detection of the references (microdots or crosses) by means of motorized cameras and digital storage of the mounting job. This software uses plate files in 1:1 real scale and allows for the digital control of the mounting job in register without the need of a proof on paper with inks.
  • internet remote assistance