GTI’s D50 products comply with the ISO 3664:2009 viewing standard. These products allow printing professional to make visual color judgments with accuracy and confidence. Products range from small portable desktop viewers to vertical viewing systems designed for the evaluation of large format prints. All are manufactured at GTI’s headquarters in Newburgh, NY.


CVX viewing stations combine D50 accuracy and consistency with sturdy construction and an attractive design. CVX’s are offered in four model sizes, viewing areas range from 29″ x 52″ to 48″ x 130″.


The elegant design of EVS viewers make them the ideal booth for conference rooms, lobby, and office environments. The asymmetrical lens design of the EVS is ideal for soft proofing applications.


An optimized system of luminaires, wall panels, and mounting brackets that delivers proper illumination over a large vertical area.  Luminaries are offered in two styles.  Up to five luminaries can be linked together.


The VPI is a D50 viewing station that is designed for the inspection of large format prints. The VPI’s luminaire allows close examination of artwork without casting shadows. Three model sizes are available.


The PDV series provides the right light for accurate color viewing at the right price. Three model sizes offer viewing areas from 13″ × 19.25″ up to 23.5″ × 25.25″. All models fold for easy set-up, storage, and transport.


The tabletop MiniMatcher series is ideal for the viewing of inks, consumer goods, packaging, and more. The MiniMatcher series is available in six standard models. All models include multiple light sources.