Apollo IJF - Film Imaging System

Economical, All-digital, Chemistry-free Phototools

Apollo IJF is a fast, highly efficient and easy-to-use system for producing film negatives and positives in an all-digital workflow. Apollo IJF employs a liquid imaging fluid (ink) to digitally image film with an ink jet printer.

Printer, film and ink are combined in an optimized system for producing high-density images with excellent black coverage and opacity. Apolo IJF is an economical solution for flexographic printers to produce negative masks for liquid polymer platemaking.

Providing an affordable replacement for conventional film imagesetters, using Apollo IJF does not require any changes in the usual liquid photopolymer plate-making equipment, materials and procedures. Apollo IJF is also applicable in conventional photopolymer plate production for narrow and wide flexographic web presses.

In addition to flexography, Apollo IJF film output is suited for many screen, letterpress and offset printing applications.


  • Chemistry-free Digital System
  • High-density Output
  • Ideal for Sheet and Liquid Flexo Platemaking and Screen Printing
  • Widths 230mm (9″) to 1524mm (60″)
  • Easy-to-use, Compact Design
  • Simple and Aordable to Upgrade