An environmentally friendly concentrated surfactant for developing water washable flexographic printing plates

CTGA’s Green Dragon Surfactant is used with an alkali builder (to bring the pH to around 11) after dilution with water as a useful working strength composition for efficient development of water-wash flexographic printing plates.

Green Dragon surfactant is specially formulated for efficient and rapid development. The special formula also includes a washing auxiliary, free radical inhibitors to prevent sludge formation, anti-oxidants and hydrogen abstraction photoinitiators to detackify the plate surface. Sludge is formed by polymerization of some of the unpolymerized free radical polymerizable material which builds up in the developer over time.

CTGA’s Green Dragon Surfactant minimizes sludge formation. Spent solution can be treated and disposed as industrial waste water.


  • Superior detergency
  • Rapid dissolution & good rinseability
  • Environmentally friendly and zero VOC
  • Low odor
  • Excellent formulation & handling properties
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Minimize sludge formation
  • Excellent image fidelity of developed plate
  • Great smelling
  • Easy to treat and dispose