Precision Cutting Systems

The complete line of Kongsberg tables offers an all-around cutting solution for every application: from sign making, display production, sample making and short to medium run corrugated production, Kongsberg has the perfect digital cutter for your company.


Kongsberg C Series is built for the highest performance, redefining the possibilties of digital finishing.

The Kongsberg C offers speed (100 m/min – 66 in/sec) and acceleration (up to 1.7 G) with quick and precise tool movements, making high quality digital production possible, even under the tightest deadlines.

The Kongsberg C cutting table delivers an iconic performance that is made possible by state of the art, rock solid engineering. The cutting table utilizes aerospace technology, combining an aluminum composite tabletop, a rack & pinion drive system and dynamic table mapping. These features all ensure that the table provides the greatest cutting accuracy and consistency.


The Kongsberg C performance range works with a wide variety of optional tool units. Multiple tool combinations are available during production, depending on the materials you want to process. The tooling system includes a material thickness probe and an optional camera for registering printed and unprinted material. The Kongsberg C performance tooling increases throughput and quality.


In a world with rapid technology changes, it is important to invest in equipment that offers the flexibility to grow in-line with your business needs.

With the Kongsberg X you can invest in the equipment you need today with the confidence that you can easily upgrade as your business grows. Add new materials, new applications, or more capacity so that you can add volume and enter new market segments.

Shared Resources

The Shared Resources functionality in i-cut Production Console analyzes incoming files and automatically selects the right tool, the correct table settings and the cutting sequence.  The result? A fast and consistent production, no matter who oper-ates the table. You no longer need to wait for the most experienced operator to produce the complex jobs and ensure consistent results. With Shared Resources, you can deliver the short turnaround time your customers demand.


Whether you produce 2D signs, 3D displays or packages; regardless of the material you work with, the Kongsberg X cutting table will meet the challenge.

The application kits for the Kongsberg X (Short Run, Production and Flexo) make it easy to pick the right configuration for your business. Additionally, the freedom of upgrade options make the possibilities almost limitless.