Misellaneous Flexo Printing Supplies And Accessories

CTGA is very pleased to offer a broad range miscellaneous of flexo, graphic arts and imaging supplies, accessories and equipment. The products below contain several product lines in the electronic prepress, digital imaging and quality control areas. In addition there is an expansive Tools & Accessories section, Pressroom and Bindery Sections.

Browse through the products below by category, and contact your CTGA technical sales representative for more details or to make a purchase.

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Algae Clear II

Anti-static Gloves and Wipes

Automask Masking Film

AZ42 Scanning Mylar

Base-Line Laser Plate Deletion Pen

Base-Line Masking Sheets

Bancheez Cloth Wipes

Carbon Arcs


Chemical Storage Tanks

China Markers

Contact Boards

Contact Screens

Cotton Gloves

Developing Trays

Dust Bunny Wipes

Dust Controller

Encapsulite Darkroom Safelight Sleeves


Graduated Cylinders

Gray Scales

Hole Strengtheners

Impress Antistatic Glass Treatment

Kinetronics Anti-Static Brushes

Lithco Plate Punches

Lithco Precision Opaque Pens

LithoProof™ Instant Blue Proofing Paper

Non-repro Blue Pens and Pencils

Opaque and Brushes

Opaque Pens

Orange Vinyl Mask


Plastic Print Tongs

Plate Developing Pads

Plate Punches


Polyester Stripping Films

Poliwand™ Antistatic Wand

ProAir Processor Air Cleaner

Processor Roller Cleaner Sheets

Registration Pins, Tabs and Marks

Screen Tints

Sharpie Markers

Sherman’s Safe Processor Cleaners

Staticmaster Brushes

Trupunch Register Systems

Ulano Masking Film

Wash Aid Additive

A-Tex (Jomac)

Alcohol Testers

Anti-Marking Nets

Automatic Blanket Cleaning Cloth

Base-Line & REL Pens

Base-Line Clean Up Sheets

Base-Line CTP Addition and Deletion Pens

Conductivity Meters

Correct-A-Plate™ Addition and Deletion Pens

Dampener Sewing Thread

Dampening Covers

Dampening Cover Cleaner

Dampening Prep Solution

Day Blankets

DigiBlanket Packing Gauge


Extech pH/conductivity Meters

EZ Knife

Fountain Bottles and Valves

Fountain Solution Filters

Greensleeves™ (Jomac)

H.S. Boyd Litho Perf, Slit and Score

Heidelberg Ink Fountain Liners

Heidelberg Quickmaster Felts & Cloth Rolls

Wash-Up Blades

Hyton Dampening Covers

Ink Eaters™

Ionix Static Eliminators

Jomac Dampening Covers

Kompac Teflon Seals

Lamson Ink Knives

Lithco Stretch Linen (Linen replacement)

Lithco “Scotch” Hones

Lithco Clean-up Sheets

Lithco Premium Blue Blankets

Lithco SBT Anti-Marking Sheets

Mark-tex Plate Correction Pens

Never Gone Plate Additive Pencil

Ohaus Ink Scales

PANTONE Ink Scales

Paper Damp

Paper pH Test Pen

pH Meters

pH Test Strips

Plastic Ink Knives

Plastic Pile Separators


Plexus Durometer

Polyester Press Packing Sheets

Quack and Vintage Quack Anti-marking Nets

Red Runner™ Dampening Sleeves

Red-1® Dampening Covers

Reeves Blankets

Riegel Paper Presspak

Rogers Dampening Sleeves

Royse Type Filter Bags

Rub-n-Run Deletion Pencil

Russell Ink Knives

Sheet Separators

Slip-On Tubes



Thermometers – IR


TRUPAK Blanket Packing Gauges

Wash-Up Bottles

WaterSleeves™ (Jomac)

Web Roll Strippers

Weblock Splicing Tapes

Weldon Roberts Retouch Sticks

Base-Line Laser Direct Plates

Base-Line Proofing Papers

Cyber-Fabric™ Magnetic Wiping Cloth

Dust-Off Cleaning Kits

Gray Scales

Hurst Plates, Chemistry, Pens & Accessories

Hurst SmartPlates

Inkjet Inks and Cartridges

Ink Jet Media by IJ Technologies

Kami Scanner & Prepress Supplies

Laser Plates & Film

Lithco Laser Plates

Monitor Hoods

PANTONE ColorVantage IJ Inks

PANTONE Software

Paraffin Oil

The Collector

3M Spray Adhesives

Beta Color Viewer II & III

Beta Optics

Caprock Stripmaster

Color Bars

DCS Books



Foam Board

Gloss Meters

Glue Sticks and Pens

Light Boxes

Line Gauges and Rulers

Lithco Linen Testers and Magnifiers


Litho Needles


Octagon Anti-Parallax Loupes

Olfa Knives, Blades and Scissors

PANTONE Color Viewing Light

PANTONE® Guides and Chip Books

Paper Scale

Paragon 10X Loupe

Particulate Cleaner Roller (Dust Control)

Paste-Up Tools

Peak Loupes and Microscopes

Pocket Pal

Pocket Thickness Gauges


Process Color Selector Wheel

Proportion Wheels

Ramsey Film Scribes

Razor Blades

Rototrim Mastercut II

Screen Finder Guides

SKS Loupes and Microscopes


Tobias Paramags


Waxers and Wax

X-Acto Knives & Blades

Aqua Blue

Back Cylinder Ink Preventer


Blanket and Roller Washes

Blanket Fix

Chrome Cylinder Cleaner

Clear Gel


Fargel (formerly Farlux Gel)


Film Cleaner

Flexo Spray

Fountain “Stew”

Fountain Solutions

Glass Cleaner

Gold Miracle

Gum Arabic 14º Baume

Hurst Chemistry

Hydraulic Oils

Isopropyl Alcohol

J’s Plate Cleaner

Lithco Anti-Static Spray

Lithco Glass Brite™ Aerosol

Lithco Ink Fresh™ Aerosol and Liquid

Lithco One-Step Chain Cleaner & Lubricant with Teflon

Lithco Sun Glide™ Silicone Spray



Metering Roller Cleaner

Non-offset Spray Powder

Plate Care

Plate Cleaners

Plate Sav-Ur

Press Oil

Printers Pride

Pumice Powder


Putz Pomade

Reactive Cross-Linking Fountain Solution

CE7 fountain Solutions (Rosos replacement)

Rubber Cement

Sprayway Aerosols

Total Release Compound



3L Self-adhesive & Laminating Pockets

Accucount Electronic Counter (Martin Yale)

Business Card Slitter (Martin Yale)


Corner Cutter

Drill Accessories

Drill Bit Sharpeners

Drill Bits

Drill Blocks–Wood & Plastic

Drill Ease Lube Stick

Fan-Apart Padding Adhesive

Folders (Martin Yale)

Folding Bones

Joggers (Martin Yale)

Magnetic Cutter Pads

Pad Counters

Padding Brushes

Padding Compound

Padding Knife

Padding Presses

Paper Cutter (Martin Yale)

Perf and Score Board

Plastic Cutting Sticks

Plastic Jogger Blocks

Plastic Knife Guards

Spiral Binding System



Stitching Wire

Tacky Finger

Tabber (Martin Yale)

Vinyl Book Covers

Wire-O Binding System

Chemical Safety Goggles

Cotton Gloves

E•A•R Hearing Protectors

Gator Spill Containment Pallets


Hazmat Spill Kit

Justrite Safety Cans and Cabinets

Lithco Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Lithco Poly Gloves

Lithco Shur-Fit Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Neoprene Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Nuisance Dust Masks

Printer’s Apron

PVC Gloves

3M Tapes

Barefoot Anti-Fatigue Flooring System

Cellulose Sponges


Cotton Tipped Applicators

Disposable Shop Cloths and Wipes

Equipment Stands


Goop Hand Cleaners

Kimwipes, Kimtex and Kaydrys

Job Jackets

Masking Tape

Procam Filters


Really Works Hand Cleaners


Sea Sponges

Shrink Film

Shop Carts


Tack Cloth

Tape Dispensers

The One That Works Air Purifier

Tork Wipes

Washup Bottles

Water Control Panels

Weblock Splicing Tapes

Webril Cotton Pads and Wipes

Webril Hand Cleaners & Towels