Distillation and Solvent Recycling Equipment

With our line of CTGA Distillation and Solvent Recycling Equipment your operation becomes greener. The used developer solvent transported off-site is reduced by up to 95% because the solvent is reclaimed on-site then used to effectively develop printing plates.

The printer can improve its waste generator status with environmental agencies and help local government achieve waste reduction goals. The printer no longer has to complete a waste manifest and schedule waste pick ups. The printer, also, no longer has the liability for off-site transportation of its waste. Developer solvent is available on demand.

With our CTGA solvent recycler, unecessary solvent developer purchases are eliminated; solvent costs drop by up to 90%. Waste disposal costs are reduced by up to 95%. Profitability improves.

The solvent recycler, a self-contained process, effectively recovers used plate developer solvent by segregating the solvent from the photopolymer waste. The clean, reclaimed plate developer solvent can be effectively reused to develop printing plates.

The segregated photopolymer waste is transferred to a waste drum for later disposal.

The flexographic printer can use a second solvent recycler to recycle wash up solvent from the printing press.


Recovers: 5 gal (20L) in about 4 hrs.
Process: Batch
Dimensions: 28″W x 17″D x 43″H
Weight: 185 lb

Recovers: 20 gal (80L) in about 10 hrs.
Process: Batch
Dimensions: 42″W x 23″D x 45″H
Weight: 450 lb

Recovers: One 55 gal (250L) drum in about 18 hrs.
Process: Continuous – as solvent vaporizes, used solvent from the drum is pumped into the distillation chamber
Compressor: Remains on during operation
Dimensions: 42″W x 23″D x 45″H
Weight: 450lb