Quality Assurance, Color Matching And Ink Formulation


Get Up To Color Faster

  • Centralize the storage of your color standards by organizing into Books and Libraries
  • Add new colors via measurement, import from file, or text entry
  • Search for colors by name or by deltaE threshold
  • Pick the colors, set the deltaE tolerance for each, and either Save or Run the job immediately


Print Color Quality Solution

  • Designed to connect multiple presses and locations
  • Monitor print job performance remotely
  • Share brand color data and match across locations
  • Set tolerances and view job conformance
  • Detailed trending and statistical reports


Enterprise System For Accurate Measuring

  • Takes out the guesswork – delivers accurate ink recipes for a variety of inks, paper and process types.
  • Gets you to zero-waste with reuse of leftover inks
  • Link multiple locations, integrate with ink dispensers, different spectros and connect with your ERP system


Techkon Print Color Software Utility

  • Create a group of color targets and transfer them to device for comparison against print production
  • Selective lock device settings to prevent accidental change during use in production
  • Export data to Excel for detailed analysis and other formats for import into other software applications
  • Compare color value for two colors side-by-side for simple quality control
  • Compare process inks to check if they conform to ISO standards