SpectroVision | Inline Quality Inspection

Integrated Color Measurement, Web Viewing And Bar Code Grading

Techkon’s SpectroVision inline print quality solution addresses the three prevalent issues that contribute to higher production costs and lost profits for narrow and medium web width flexo and packaging printers. Operating at press speeds up to 1,000ft/minute, SpectroVision combines spectral based color measurement, web viewing, and ISO/ANSI style bar code grading into a single product that is affordable, compact in size, and can be easily installed on virtually any press in the market. Real time feedback for press operators, during both make-ready and production runs, eliminates the need for stopping and restarting the press for offline measurements & adjustments.


At a price point that is affordable for printers of all sizes, SpectroVision’s compact design allows it to be easily mounted into existing flexo, gravure, and digital presses, while two touch screen displays let operators easily switch between web viewing, performing real-time bar code grading, and monitoring color quality metrics such as density, deltaE, TVI, G7, and more

As shorter press runs become commonplace, and customers hold printers more accountable than ever for accuracy and consistency, SpectroVision delivers an immediate ROI resulting from shorter make-readies, reduced waste, and higher quality press runs.


SpectroVision uses a true scanning spectrophotometer and is the only inline solution on the market which can measure an entire press control strip (up to 100 color patches) in a single printed impression, providing operators with instant feedback that allows for faster color adjustments using significantly less time and materials. The included ChromaQA software lets users quickly create jobs that specify exact measurement locations, color reference values, and customer-specific pass/fail tolerances. During the press run, intuitive graphs provide operators with immediate color results such as density, deltaE, TVI, G7, and more along with corrective adjustments, so problems are caught early.


SpectroVision provides operators with a high resolution, live view of the moving web. Key image locations, such as registration marks, logos, critical text, etc., can be pre-programed into each job allowing the operator to switch between locations with the touch of a button. In addition, operators can also manually drive the system to any other location within the impression that requires monitoring throughout the press run and the system remembers these key locations and any magnification adjustments made by the operator.


By setting up jobs in the software any time before going on press, selected bar codes within the impression are automatically loaded, scanned, and graded at full print production speeds, using ISO/ANSI style grading. Results are displayed on screen with pass/fail indication for the operator while an optional roll marking or flagging system indicates where problems occurred in the roll for easier post processing when the run is complete. Reporting is also included to show your customers bar code grades throughout the entire press run.


  • Measurement technology: Spectral remission and
  • color density determination to ISO 5-3/4
  • Measurement geometry: 45/0˚ to DIN 5033
  • Spectral range: 400 to 700 nm in 10nm steps
  • Measurement conditions: ISO 13655:2009
    • M0 – No filter, UV included
    • M1 – Daylight, D50
    • M2 – UV Cutoff filter, UV excluded
  • Measurement aperture: 1.5 mm x 3.0 mm
  • Distance from media: 3 mm
  • Light source: LED pack
  • Short term repeatability: 0.05 Eab on white BCRA tile
  • Inter instrument agreement: 0.30 Eab average on
  • BCRA tiles
  • Calibration: Automatic on integrated ISO white reference plaque
  • Operating environment: 0˚ to 40˚ C (non-condensing humidity)