High-quality plate mounting and process tape solutions for optimal prints and efficient processes in flexible packaging printing.

Plate Mounting Tapes for Flexo Printing

We offer a comprehensive assortment of Tesa plate mounting tapes with foam, film, or cloth backings to fulfill all flexo printing needs.

Splicing Tapes for Film Materials

Film converters benefit from our decades of experience in flying splice applications with a tailor-made film splicing assortment.

Process Tapes forFlexo Printing

Roller wrapping, plate edge sealing, core starting, and failure flagging are just a few examples from our wide range of complementary tapes.

Technology & Trends

FLEX Design: For Thin-walled and Scratched Sleeves

The flexible packaging industry is continuously working to increase productivity on the shop floor level. We support this objective with the introduction of our product line tesa Softprint® FE-X, combined with our new FLEX Product Design for maximized Efficiency.

New Patented Tape System – Uniting of Opposites

With our new tape system based on the new products in the tesa Softprint® range, we have succeeded in developing a solution which fulfills the conflicting requirements placed on plate mounting tapes while aiding the flexographic print industry in responding to changing market demands.

Reliable Splicing for Film Converting Industries

tesa® 51918 EasySplice® FilmLine Black for fast and reliable splicing of heavy-gauge films.

Addition to Our Foam Plate Mounting Tape Assortment

tesa Softprint® TP-X for more efficiency and higher productivity in the flexographic printing process.

Achieving the Best Printed Product Through Proper Mounting

Flexible Packaging was able to ask Joe Prunier, Market Manager – Print & Web Processing for tesa tape, inc. – some questions on behalf of printers.

Esko’s Full HD Flexo certification

After having received the original HD Flexo certification for vendors back in 2011, we have now taken the next step.