Hammond Power Solutions General Purpose Transformer

Condition: Used, good condition

  • Model no. SG3A0030BK
  • Series:  Sentinel G (Gen. 3)
  • Phase 3
  • VA Rating 30,000 Volt-Amps

Over 30% Savings of a brand new unit with same specifications

Esko CDI Spark 4835
State of the art Esko CDI Spark 4835, HD Flexo, Optics 25

Condition: Excellent, Very Low Hours, Demo Unit

  • Optics 25
  • Grapholas software
  • High resolution optics
  • HD Flexo
  • Pixel+
  • Low hours / DEMO UNIT – 106 hours

    ASKING PRICE:  $129,000
    Over 50% Savings (New unit, with all of these options, would run $311,000)

Dupont Cyrel EC / LF 3547
35″ x 47″ Exposure Unit

Condition: Used, Excellent Condition

This exposure unit from Dupont has very low hours and was used as a demo unit at the CTGA Tech Center only.

The DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST system is a revolutionary technology that offers enhanced pressroom productivity. Cyrel® FAST uses a dry thermal technology for plate development, completely eliminating conventional solvents and aqueous washout solutions. Cyrel® FAST delivers finished plates in an hour.

  • Exposure, light finisher and post exposure unit
  • Maximum plate size 36″ x 48″
  • 900 x 1,200mm

ASKING PRICE:  $12,500