X-Rite eXact Densitometer

Best-in-Class for Measuring All Aspects of CMYK in the Pressroom

The X-Rite eXact Densitometer brings a full range of features needed for CMYK measurements within pressroom operations. The extensive features of the eXact Densitometer enables printers to truly control to ink thickness through all facets of production, allowing for consistent results across the entire print process.


  • Accurate and Consistent
    Integrated white calibration ensures the highest accuracy and consistency.
  • Best-in-Class to Support All Aspects for CMYK Densitometry
    Allows job oriented working with pass/fail indication for all color patches of the color bar, to ensure color accuracy and consistency through the entire print process.
  • Configurable
    Allows the user to easily configure the instrument as well as the flexibility to control all elements on a selected job.
  • Efficiency
    eXact is built to bring efficiency to your operation with its ability to automatically detect the color and patch type, providing the measurement result in the view configured by the user
  • Expandable
    The eXact Densitometer model can be any time upgraded by password to the Standard or the Advanced model, with optionally adding the Scan feature. With a comprehensive portfolio of products, the eXact family integrates with many of X-Rite solutions to ensure color consistency.

By leveraging the eXact Densitometer, print and packaging operations can rest assured that color accuracy and consistency will be applied through the entire print process. As a part of the comprehensive eXact family of products, the eXact Densitometer is best-in-class for verifying all aspects of CMYK densitometry.